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We help to reinvent your new business chance by using the amazing but sophisticated information technologies; always serving innovative and pervasive work for your confidence.

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We initially focus on the rapidly evolving Mobile Internet technologies. We further extend our services into the specific cross-cutting fields such as hybrid clouds, Internet of Things, etc. We are also working on remote health monitoring and smart house integration, efficient enterprise processing management using ubiquitous mobile clouds, etc.

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Business and Contributions


We are serving business consulting, network administration, user interface design and system development, using the current advancing web and smartphone technologies. We also provide online client support service for customers.


We are producing smartphone assistant for maintenance staffs in power supplier company, web service for national industry companies, content management applications for art museums, and social networking tools for business acceleration, etc.


We are closely working with University of Aizu, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology for R&D projects, such as Internet of Things, Food Safety and Health Services.


We are sponsoring the NPO MMINET, NGO FOCF and NPO TSUBASA in Japan; and we also actively participated in several none-profit events and programs for social welfares in China.

Something About the team

We are experienced in art design and system engineering for IT business. Our headquarter is located in Hangzhou, a historical and modern city in the southeast coast of China; and our R&D branch in located in Koriyama, a modern and beautiful city in Fukushima, Northeast part of Japan. We are experienced in cloud server management, e.g. Amazon EC2, Aliyun etc., responsive and minimalism design for web and iOS interfaces, comprehensive system engineering and development. We are advanced in multilingual communication, remote collaboration, and efficient production.

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